“The basic principle of our enterprise is the clear and coordinated work of the team of employees. We offer our customers the availability and dynamism of our services, cargo safety, the possibility of using different delivery routes and ensuring transportation in the terms clearly designated in the contract”, – the director of LLC “YUROL-T”.

SС “YUROL” started its activity in February 1997 as a subsidiary with foreign investments “YUROL”, the founder of which is the English company “YUROL UK LIMITED”. In the same year, SС “YUROL” became a dealer of the official representative of the concern IVECO S.p.A. in Ukraine.

The main activities of SС “YUROL” were:

  • Sales of new IVECO trucks
  • Service and repair of IVECO trucks
  • International transportation (active member of ASMAP of Ukraine since 1998)

In 2009 SС “YUROL” was restructured into two separate companies. Since then started the independent activity of the LLC “YUROL-T” in the international transport market.

LLC “YUROL-T” is an active member of ASMAP Ukraine (No. 72260) and has a license for the right to carry ADR to and from Europe.
Our company provides transportation of general and complete cargoes, including dangerous, as well as provides expedition services.

The fleet of the company consists of seven IVECO trucks with a total weight 6.5 – 7 tons and a load capacity  2.5 – 3 tons. Thanks to the efforts of drivers and mechanics, the trucks are always in excellent technical condition and meet all the safety standards. Each truck has CMR insurance in the amount  of 500,000 Euros.

All drivers of LLC “YUROL-T” have many years of experience in international transportation, which allows to deliver cargo reliably, promptly, qualitatively and in time.

The geography of the company’s transportation becomes more diverse with each year of work. Today, the main business partners of LLC “YUROL-T” are located in such countries as Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic and others.

With many clients, our company has been successfully cooperating for more than ten years and rightfully enjoys the reputation of a reliable partner not only among domestic, but also foreign companies.